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In the tradition of Catholic churches dating from the Middle Ages, St. Stanislaus was constructed as Domus Dei — the House of God. In this tradition, a church is not simply a meeting place or a grand monument, but the dwelling of God on earth... a house of worship filled with the Spirit of God... a place of beauty, inspiration, and peace.
As you step inside St. Stanislaus Church, a vivid display of religious art surrounds you, conveying a deep sense of reverence as well as the heritage of this parish.
Stained Glass Windows of St. Stanislaus
Forty-six stained glass windows grace the interior of St. Stanislaus Kostka Church. The striking works of art display Christian saints and symbols in vibrant color and rich detail. The windows were created in Innsbruck, Austria, by Tyrolean Glass Works, founded in 1860. Installed between 1912 and 1924, each window was the gift of an individual, family or parish society. Parishioners chose stained glass art depicting Poland's Roman Catholic traditions. Saints like Stanislaus Szczepanowski of Krakow, Casimir the Jagiellon, and Wojciech of Prague line the church's interior.
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Interior Decoration
The interior of St. Stanislaus Church is a vivid display of religious decoration, completed over the years with the support of generous donations from individuals, families, and parish societies.